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Jim, Dixie, Davin, Delton & Nyah...a Christian family! Welcome to our Internet home. Join us on this journey to bring Nyah home.

Nyah's Timeline

08-2006:  About one year after Delton was born, Dixie begins researching adoption for our third child

11-19-06:  Nyah born in Bele Ethiopia

01-2009:  Filed Application with Children's Hope International (CHI)

02-2009:  Accepted into Ethiopia Program with CHI

Gathering and Completing A LOT of Paperwork for Our Home Study

04-22-09:  Home Study Completed

Gathering and Completing A LOT of Paperwork for Our Dossier

07-09-009:  Dossier Completed

08-07-2009:  We Became a Waiting Family

02-04-10:  Seeing Nyah's Picture for the First Time

02-19-10:  Accept Nyah as Our Referral

04-29-10:  Pass Court in Ethiopia

06-06-10:  Dixie and Jim Travel to Ethiopia

06-08-10:  Meeting Nyah for the First Time

06-10-10:  US Embassy in Ethiopia for final Visa Appointment

06-13-10:  Home in Maryville with Our Complete Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-30-12:  Finalized the Re-Adoption Process in Missouri by appearing in front of Judge Prokes and making the Ethiopian Adoption legal and recognized in the state of Missouri.

The End!!!  (If you are a friend, reading this timeline as you consider the adoption process...stay strong, steadfast and motivated.  You will make it to The End as well.)