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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Great Day In King City...

Today we did something that we haven't done in a long time...we spent a day in King City hangin out with our families for no other reason than sharing a Saturday in life together. What a blessing it is to have family like ours. Romey and Jim started the day together doing electrical work on one of Romey's projects. Can work be enjoyable...somehow it usually is to these two. It's been several months since they have had the opportunity to work together. For lunch, Romey Clayton joined them at Friends and enjoyed an afternoon meal. As usual, Romey Senior had "projects" on his mind and was anxious to travel to St. Joe to pick up some needed supplies. What an amazing man...86 and still fills a daily agenda with work that some young men can't comprehend.

Dixie, Nyah, Delton and Davin headed to Granny Carolyn and Papa Cuz's house early. As usual, the kids ran and enjoyed all 20 acres of Papa's awesome trees and garden. Papa Cuz is getting soft though...he even elected to play some "ball" with the kids in the yard! This is wild... The kids loved their time with Granny and Papa Cuz. Priceless times East of town.

After all this, everyone met at Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Romey's house, dawned the swimsuits and jumped in the pool. The pool is a sure hit for our family. It raises Grandma and Grandpa's political capital every time. They love coming to their house and ALWAYS ask about when we can come back and swim. Cheryl and Romey had to leave early to head for a wedding in St. Joe...but the time we spent with them today was fun and full of smiles!

Amy, Cameron and Nick stuck around, watched funny youtubes and played in the yard until PIZZA was the agreed upon plan. Hands dirty from playing in Grandpa's shop, a little sweaty and a little tired...we all sit down to a meal. So much life happens around the dinner table.

Amy and Dixie shared a visit...laughing as they so often do! Playing continued, but eyes now look tired. The kids are worn out and a great day just being family comes to an end. Thank you Lord for this day and for the blessing of just being family together! This picture of Delton and Nick says it all and wins the "Pic of the Day" award. Two cousins, full of life, being ornery and making memories together...

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