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Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Gets Colder as I Get Older

Remember when you were 8 years old how a snow was almost as exciting as getting a new package of Garbage Pail Kid cards? On the coldest night this past week, the kids and I went outside for our evening visit to the family dog. We cleaned the pin, gave him some new straw to keep warm and replenished his food supply. By this time I was freezing and wanted to head back in. Guess what? The kids wanted to stay out and play in the snow! Are you kidding me...why would one do such a crazing thing? Then I suddenly remembered how awesome I used to think it was when it snowed...25 years ago that is. Time really changes things and I swear the cold cuts deeper and deeper each year. Regardless, I sucked it up and stayed outside watching them make snow angels and roll in drifts. They were covered with snow by the time we came in. Remember how you used to get snow in your boots, gloves and hat? They had it. Funny thing is, it never melts. It just packs in and turns to ice. You go and go and go and go...then finally the sting from the snow packed next to your wrists and ankles starts to sting. Thats when you finally say its time to go in.
Watching my kids this past week reminded me of these things. I quickly determined that the snow definitely gets colder as I get older!

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